Classic - Backgammon v2

$ 47.00


So here's the thing. We bought this set 5 years ago, and this is The New Edition. A super fun game to play with friends. With kids. 

We've been playing it for years with our children who are cool, but they're kids. They lose the pieces or needed to use one as a plate for a tea party. We get it. The reason we love this backgammon set is because it's a perfect balance of value, functionality & design. 

There really wasn't an in-between. It was either big-box board game or super luxe- which you wouldn't play with kids. We've played ours so many times, like so many, I think it cost us about .005 cents per game. 

From The Maker:

We give a fresh new look to your favorite board games, which can be placed on your sofa table to be played or displayed. It´s a win even if you lose!<p>

The Backgammon includes easy to read instructions in English, French and German. Two thin acrylic boards covers the playing area. Plastic pieces

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