Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards), Los Angeles

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Portraits De Villes invites you to hear them beating through the heart of an artist.  These rare moments are like postcards you collect.

Portraits De Villes ™ is a collection of books published by be-poles. The guest artist is offered a carte blanche to illustrate the city of his choice. Each Portraits of Towns is a unique journey guided by the singular look of an artist, recognized or emerging, who was chosen for the richness and sensitivity of his vocabulary.

In 2007, the be-poles ™ studio created this collection with a particular artistic demand, both on content and form: from the color of blankets to format, papers, white spaces, typography and finishes, all Details have been designed to best serve the image and its history.

"These are the melancholic and nostalgic visions of a fantasy city imprisoned in its image, a glorious city, symbol of the golden age of Hollywood cinema. It is a radiant city of paradoxes, thunderstruck with commodification, consumed by capitalism, shoot at appearance. "- AL

Stemming from the fashion photography, Vincent Mercier also works much for the photograph of still life. From this versatility is born a disorder that has imposed itself in style.

This sensibility, which leads him to always be moved by his subject - even if it is prosaic - is found in his travel photographs.
The images of Vincent Mercier are composed almost geometrically, sometimes strict, and yet, no artificial nor cold in his approach. With the same force as an old Polaroid with the past colors, his photographs plunge us into a sweet melancholy. The spirit of Edward Hopper reveals in this subtle treatment colors slightly yellowed, in this taste for the purified image from which nevertheless expresses a deep empathy for the subject treated.

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