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JUNIPER+SAGE Atmosphere Mist, Travel Size

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Generously mist throughout air to instantly freshen spirit and atmosphere in living space, car, closet, drapery, bedding, rugs, and other textiles. Not for use on the face or body! The travel size is 1 oz. and a great way to bring home with you when you travel!

ROSEWOOD+VETIVER a dusky moody marriage of dark, moist earth and sweet woods to ground the senses and evoke the primordial.

LAVENDER+THYME a sweetly herbaceous blend to calm and uplift mood, purify air and charm the olfactory.

JUNIPER+SAGE a fresh, woody, balsamic blend for mood calming, air purification and energetic clearing of spaces.

FIG+YARROW is an artisan line of handcrafted botanical apothecary products formulated for well-living + radiant beauty. Handcrafted in small batches at our lovely brick firehouse in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Their formulations are clean, organic, non-toxic, nutrient-dense and deliciously gorgeous. Consciously sourced ingredients from partners who share the company's values, social and environmental standards. Every ingredient used is organic or wildcrafted when possible, food-grade, sustainably sourced and cruelty-free.

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