Broome St. General Store is a luxury convenience shop located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Open 7 days a week, 11 hours a day, we often joke that if 7-11 and your favorite luxury department store had a baby, it might look something like us.   With an espresso bar, gourmet grocery and over 5000 items for sale and custom order, we believe in carrying best-in-class products in for you, your home and your family.  Now online, we hope to bring the convenience of the products you need (and covet) with a commitment to our core company values: 

Family. Coffee. Freedom.

We are a family-run business that is family-friendly,  no matter its shape or size and regardless of who you love or call family.  We work with other family businesses that hold those same beliefs.  Some say coffee first, we almost agree...just right after family.

Our coffee shop is the heartbeat of our General Store.  Globally equalizing as a ritual in how it is prepared and shared, it is a universal cup of get shit done.  A commodity where fair-trade has become a standard not just for conscience but quality.  It has not just informed, but shaped the way we do business, the brands we partner with and the products we use in our home (that eventually end up in our shop).

This was a dream born on road trips with my immigrant parents, eager to explore the country that was their new home.  No matter the destination, all roads lead to a General Store.  A place to gather supplies and souvenirs, ask for recommendations and grab a cup of joe.  The pulse of their communities, it was usually our first stop.  A spot for locals and tourists alike… no two were the same.  

After several years of roommate life and a few months following 9/11, I was looking for a fresh start and a place to call my own.  I found that in a tiny studio loft on Broome St.  I filled that apartment with all the goodness I found in shops from my neighborhood.  Broome St. runs across downtown Manhattan east to west  and figuratively from Chinatown to Soho as a bustling cultural thoroughfare.  Young entrepreneurs were squeezing their shops between established-family-businesses that had been core in the immigrant neighborhoods for as long as the communities have existed.  It was a melting pot of entrepreneurship in the face of tragedy.  This little corner of the world, at that slice of the hourglass, was what I was trying to bottle under one roof at Broome St. General.  

With its roots in the original General Stores I visited as kid, our shop is literally a collection from my home to yours.  We all look for products in our own lives for function,  and at Broome St. our job is to provide you with the convenience of suggestions that consider style, investment, practicality and actual use when making those decisions that make a house a home.  Just like no two General Stores are the same, there is not one way to make a home or create a lifestyle.  Maya Angelou said, 

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”  

Words to live by.  We’re here to help with all the things you may need along the way and when you get there.  

C. Sophie Graham

Founder & Finder, Broome St. General Store
photo: Jennifer Young