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I'm not the only one.  I couldn't have said it better than these reviews on author, Emiko Davies' beautiful blog.

“Florentine is a book that appeals both to my sense of nostalgia and my appetite. It’s a beautiful, large-format book, with gorgeous pictures of Florence, and snatches of Florentine life, but is far from being a coffee-table book: the recipes take you there just as evocatively.” — Nigella Lawson

“Emiko Davies’ work is not a casual appreciation of Italian cooking— it is a studied, observant, and celebratory one. To see—and cook—Florence’s food traditions through Emiko’s recipes, research, and immersive photography is to gain a deeper understanding of the city than you’re likely to get in years of visits.” – Kristen Miglore, Executive Editor, Food52

“One to immerse yourself in — and cook from.” — delicious. magazine UK

“Part travel guide, part cookbook, part photo essay, this is a keeper.” — Real Living magazine

“Comfort cooking at its best.” — MindFood magazine

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