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Foot Butter

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FOOT BUTTER is a velvety smooth alpine fresh whipped butter blend to treat and nourish feet.

show your gratitude to those stressed, calloused and endlessly devoted peds with this tingly, refreshing antibacterial blend of essential oils in a highly nourishing base of hand-whipped organic shea butter and coconut oil.

+ shea butter has been the go-to balm since Cleopatra's Egypt because of its high amount of nutrients and amazing emollient and humectant properties.

+ with active ingredients and chemical compounds located in the needles of the fir tree, fir needle essential oil has a fresh, green, soft balsamic scent and purifying properties making it popular in detoxes and cleanses.

+ lavender's calming, herbaceous aroma can ease nerves, promote relaxation, and soothe aggravated skin. as an adaptogen, it assists our innate ability in acclimating to stress and imbalances.

+ tea tree essential oil is found in the forests of Australia and has over 3000 years of use for medicinal, beauty and healing purposes stemming from its antibacterial properties said to boost the immune system and soothe skin bothers.

refresh and pamper peds with this nourishing, revitalizing and skin-softening butter. may be used on any skin needing tlc.


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