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$ 15.00

A Broome St. General BESTSELLER!

When we say this is one of the best chocolate bars in the world, we're not exagerating.  A Winner of the 2017 Silver International Chocolate Award and the 2016 Gold International Chocolate Salon Award.

Hazelnuts are roasted and caramelized to a deep golden color and ground to a creamy yet crunchy praline paste. Combined with single origin milk chocolate and covered in 70% single origin dark chocolate, a delicious combination of dark and milk chocolate with rich hazelnuts.

Made in Los Angeles, CA.


Milla Chocolates, Founded By Award-Winning Chocolatier Christine Sull Sarioz Is Known For Its Visually Striking, Geometry And High-Quality Ingredients, Often Using Single Origin Or Organic Chocolates From The Dominican Republic, Peru Or Venezuela. Christine Combines Her Background In Fine And Decorative Arts With Her Passion For Impeccable Execution And Love Of Chocolate. Each Of Her Creations Is Made By Hand And Indulges The Senses.


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