Honolulu Portraits De Villes

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"Honolulu, away from the crowded haunts of Waikiki, you get to shake hands with the real Hawaii. A boisterous Polynesian capital, Honolulu delivers an island-style mixed plate of experiences. "

-from Lonely Planet

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About the Artist:
Nigel Scott was born in Kingston, Jamaica. In the mid 1970's Nigel left the island to begin his photography career in Toronto, Canada, first showing at the Jane Corkin Gallery in 1987. After leaving Toronto in 1987, Scott moved to Paris to shoot fashion photography and continue with his fine art works. Lately, Nigel used his creative ease for collaborations on surfboards, photography books and t-shirt designs. In 1996, Nigel moved to NYC where he currently lives and works.
Nami Forever, a collection of portraits by the ocean was published by Homareya, Japan, in 2002. His works were shown in various exhibitions and galleries: 2006, 2008 National Biennial, National Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica. Bob Marley Anniversary, Bob Marley Museum Kingston, Jamaica. Polarity was his eighth solo show with Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada. In 2012, the Conversations with Blue show traveled from Colette, Paris, Clear Edition, Tokyo, Japan to Corkin Gallery Toronto, Canada. His work is included in important public and private collections throughout the world.
In Scotts most recent book Conversations with Blue, published by Clear Edition in 2012, he put the camera down and produced abstract minimal work as he attempts to personalize and focus on the ocean.

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