Lemon Crisps
Lemon Crisps Lemon Crisps

Lemon Crisps

California Crisps
$ 5.99

prepare for an all-day mint. nature’s candy, we might just call it. a few of these dehydrated crisps, and your whole palate is zesty, tangy and refreshed. too puckering for you? enjoy in your water or help chase your tequila. either way, you won't be disappointed.

  • 100% all natural lemon
  • no added sugar
  • no sulfur dioxide
  • no preservatives
  • no additives
  • kosher 
  • approx. 1/16" thick slices
  • approx. 35-40 crisps/bag
  • approx. 4-5 lemons/bag
  • grown in california
  • net weight: 2.0oz