Paris Bowl No. 14

$ 78.80

From The Maker:

The 17th Century pottery in Bourgogne closed  and was reopened in 2014 by Corinne Jourdain who has brought the pottery back to life using all the original moulds and updating them with vibrant colours .

These designs are based on the original 17th Century pieces, the firing of the pottery is carried out at very high temperatures (1250c) which fixes the enamel and ensures that the material retains extreme strength , resistance and airtightness. 

The outside has the rough feel of  earthenware whilst the inside has been glazed in the dark midnight blue and is softer to the touch. 

This bowl would make a fabulous wedding gift as it can be used for baking or serving a salad or vegetables in and is super stylish and comes with a fabulous story behind the pottery . 

No two bowls are the same and this is part of the charm , team this bowl with the lovely ceramic salad servers 

Holds 5.3 L

Height 14cm

Diameter 29 Cm