$ 4.99


Why aren’t more people putting chili on their pineapple? We had to ask, its like no ice in a soft drink. Hopefully after you try Pineapple Galore Tamalitoz you will understand whey this is such a conundrum to us. Sweet, tangy, and delicious… Your Welcome!

Tamalitoz started as a tiny candy store in Mexico City making small batch hard candy run and operated by husband & husband team, Jack and Dec. Jack (being Mexican) wanted to come up with a line of candy that was inspired by the sweet flavors of Mexico, and Dec being British, wanted something that kept true to the type of candy he grew up with.

One day, as they were making a batch of watermelon pillows, a customer came in and said “these candies looked like tiny candy tamales” or in Spanish “tamalitos”. That was the eureka moment, and Dec said, we should call these candies Tamalitoz with a “Z”, and that is where the name came from.

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