Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards), Vancouver

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Portraits of Cities invites you to hear them beating through the heart of an artist.These rare moments are like postcards you collect.

Portraits of Cities ™ is a collection of books published by be-poles. The guest artist is offered a carte blanche to illustrate the city of his choice. Each Portraits of Towns is a unique journey guided by the singular look of an artist, recognized or emerging, who was chosen for the richness and sensitivity of his vocabulary.

In 2007, the be-poles ™ studio created this collection with a particular artistic demand, both on content and form: from the color of blankets to format, papers, white spaces, typography and finishes, all Details have been designed to best serve the image and its history.

Dina Goldstein is a Canadian photographer who works on a large scale, exploring the elements of the human condition, through the prism of pop surrealism.

She began her career as a photojournalist, editorial and advertising photographer. At first she captures portraits of Palestinians, players, teenagers, weightlifters, wrestlers and other people from subcultures, and likes to describe her images as a photo-anthropology.

When she created the highly conceptual series Fallen Princesses, between 2007 and 2009, Dina was inspired by personal events. This series challenges a vision of the princesses as they are presented in Disney cartoons as in Western society and especially the epilogue that "they lived happily". This project is immensely successful online and continues to be broadcast.

His second great work, In the Dollhouse, made in 2012, is a chronological narrative in 10 games taking place in a house of any pink doll for adults and whose owners are Barbie and Ken.

Dina has won numerous awards such as the Grand Prix Arte Laguna, which led her to settle in India. In 2014, she published Gods of Suburbia , his most complex photographic initiative to date. The same year, she received the Virginia Prize, an international prize for women, and she was invited to Paris where an exhibition of her work was organized.

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