Quince Marmalade Spoon Preserves

Quince Marmalade Spoon Preserves

$ 12.00

Perfect to cozy up to this winter, our ruby red Quince Marmalade pays homage to ‘the first fruit’ and the origin of ‘marmalade’.  This year's batch is particularly special - with a haul of fruit coming from a century old tree on Nordstrom Ln.  We're positively giddy about it.  Use it as you would a contemporary marmalade, and enjoy the notes of honey and earth.  Think coconut shrimp dipping sauce, sheep's milk cheese, a buttery baguette, or a rich mostarda (add a couple tablespoons of dry Coleman’s to a jar and serve with veal shank*).

ingredients:  organic quinces, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice.

7.75 ounces.

Handmade on Orcas Island

*Gratitude to our culinary inspiration, Gary Wagner of St. Helena, CA. – if you’re not quite as grand as Gary, beef (grass fed, of course) will do.