Rug No. 127

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One-of-a kind, vintage Beni Ourain rug.  

  • Considered the most sought after and prestigious rugs from Morocco
  • Made from the very finest wool 
  • Woven by hand in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco by berber women and surrounding tribes.
6' x 3'5"
 ivory, black, brown, red
The Finest Moroccan Wool c. 1980

Situated in the coldest climates of Africa, each piece was traditionally designed by female artisans to shield against the elements, resulting in their warm, thick pile.  Today that very practical purpose results in an incredibly luxurious piece with astounding quality and craftsmanship.  

Most of our authentic Beni Ourain rugs date to the mid-century, during the era when they first garnered attention and inspired the most prolific artists and architects of the day: Le Corbusier, Paul Klee, Alvar Aalto.  It’s no surprise, given the neutral palette, that they are a natural compliment to modern furniture and spaces.
The romance of these rugs is further deepened by the story behind the palette and design, a result of something very practical- geography. Isolated from the Arab-world, the tribes remained uninfluenced and retained an originality that is reflected in the minimalist, geometrical, often asymmetric patterns in ebony and chocolate against an ivory palette.  
Perhaps this marriage of simplicity and tribal graphics is what has endeared this style to modernists and made them such darlings of the interior design world.  It gives them a versatility that is grounded, artistic and traditional… a perfect compliment to any space whether traditional, contemporary or modern.
When it comes to authenticity, size matters.  Made for rectangular tents in the North-Eastern Middle Atlas Mountains and traditional Berber homes with long narrow rooms, vintage rugs tend to be longer than wider. We love them layered with each other or above a simple sisal rug.  
The older the better too… an aged rug will shed a lot less than one made more recently.  With the proper care, a Beni Ourain rug will become a family heirloom because it is just so perfectly timeless, sophisticated and classic.

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