Safety Net Card, Mom

$ 5.00

Safety Net Card, Mom is a PREORDER ITEM and will be available to ship in 7-10 days. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE <3

Mothers are Magic, don't you agree? Don't wait until Mother's Day or her birthday to let her know. 

Our first Featured Maker in the Broome St. General Maker Continuity Collection #notonamazon

I don't know if this is the right thing to do, but I want to keep the Maker's Making. That's why I won't lay down without a fight. Our business is built on finding the things and bringing them to you, to give you more time doing the things that matter most. I believe in these makers, I believe in these brands and I want to see them continue living their dreams and bringing happiness to all you. I hope you'll join me in supporting them.

Keep Calm and Shop Small,


People I've Loved started in 2011 when Carissa Potter left her job to focus on creating a stationary line that would bridge the gap between people by helping them have authentic and sometimes difficult conversations. We are “in search of the miraculous” yet tragic definition of what it means to exist, in this time and space. And feel that we should make time to share it.
Over the years, People I've Loved has grown into an awesome team. We believe that more brains are better than one, and do all concept development as a team. We talk about our issues & interests as a group and see how we can address them authentically to help people get through their days. 
Take a deep long breath, things will turn out alright. 

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