Shiitake Mushrooms Organic Chocolate Bar

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Made with: Organic cocoa paste, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic toasted shitake mushrooms, organic pepper.

In collaboration with Études, Casa Bosques created a unique and unforgettable chocolate made from Fuparoca cacao beans sourced from the north east of the Dominican Republic. The smokey flavors and textures of mushrooms and black pepper, mixed with rich, luscious dark chocolate, captures the group's collective vision of a fluid merging of reference, method, and medium. Études' strong emphasis on collaboration and sculpting their very own contemporary landscape facilitates this decadent and enigmatic experience.

Casa Bosques invites the senses on a voyage of cacao that explores unchartered territories of taste, vigor, and well-being. It is cacao in its purest form mixed with artisanal techniques, and transformed into smooth, silky bars with added juxtaposing layers of bitter and sweet. Laced with coconut sugar and complemented with varying flavors, the experience of every bar nourishes and replenishes the senses. Preservatives are never used to ensure a clear, unadulterated tasting experience.

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