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The Perfect Gift, Cannes

$ 120.00

The Perfect Gift, Cannes This product is sold out- but will be back in stock soon!

Is there a city that evokes Luxury, Glitz and Glamour more than the City of Cannes located in the French Riviera.  The artist who captured the city offers his perspective:
"I was invited on the roof of the Martinez where a famous jeweler had invested the place during the festival. They were preparing an event, which happened to be a Lana del Rey concert with which I had worked the previous year. We were very happy to meet and this photo represents that moment. "
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The Perfect Gift includes:
  • A Portraits de Villes Book
  • A set of Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards)
  • A Villes Vues Choisies image hand-set in a 9.75"x12" frame
About the Artist:
Born in Aix-en-Provence, Clement Jolin shared from his 17-year study in Australia at film school, the Australian Film Institute, where he finished his last year at UCLA,  Los Angeles. 
Assistant photographer during  his studies, he chose to specialize in photography at the Art Center College of Design in California. 
Today photographer  professional represented by LGA London, Clement also works well on that commercial art projects for brands such as Givenchy, Lexus, Panasonic. His images have been published  in the Flaunt, RG Vogue Brazil.

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