The Perfect Gift, Dubai

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Dubai: The "Las Vegas of the Middle East" is opulent oasis in the desert. The artist who captured the booming city had this to say:
"I literally bathe in the ambient furnace that gives me a kind of drunkenness and I fix the highest tower in the world, which is still only a concrete skeleton perfused with 800m neon can be. The show is grand and yet pathetic. " 
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The Perfect Gift includes:
  • A Portraits de Villes Book
  • A set of Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards)
  • A Villes Vues Choisies image hand-set in a 9.75"x12" frame
About the Artist:
Born in 1959, Philippe Chancel lives and works in Paris. For more than twenty years, he pursues a photographic experience at the border between art, documentary and journalism. 
In parallel, he realizes portraits of visual artists in the movement of "free figuration" and "video art". He now collaborates with art magazines, cultural institutions and publishing houses, and regularly exhibits his work both in France and abroad: Artcurial (Paris), Photographer's Gallery (London), Power Station (Brussels), "Rencontres d'Arles 2006", C / O (Berlin). 
His project on the Emirates was presented during the 53rd edition of the Venice Biennale and as part of the exhibition "Dreamlands" of the Center Pompidou in May 2010. 

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