The Perfect Gift, Toulon

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Toulon, located between Nice and Marseilles is French town on the Mediterranean Coast in the western French Riviera and the southeast of Provence.
"Built around a rade (a sheltered bay lined with quays), France’s second-largest naval port stands distinct from the glitter of the Côte d’Azur. It has a certain rough charm, and although it's getting progressively more attractive, most visitors just pass through. Above the town rises Mont Faron, accessible by téléphérique."

(from Lonely Planet)

The Perfect Gift includes:
  • A Portraits de Villes Book
  • A set of Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards)
  • A Villes Vues Choisies image hand-set in a 9.75"x12" frame
About the Artist:
Daragh Soden is an artist and photographer from Dublin, Ireland, working in London.
Ranging from fine art to fashion photography, his work deals with universal issues that often affect him personally.
His approach to his art places specific, personal experience within the context of the universal. Using mainly still images, but also of moving images, prose and poetry, Soden’s art practice can be described as a kind search for truth. He sees his role as an artist as a way to question society and to invite others to do the same.
Soden's Young Dubliners series, a combination of portraits and text, has been exhibited in Dublin, London and Paris. In 2017, he was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury at the Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival. He has since shot editorials for Holiday magazine amongst others and will have a solo show at the 2018 Festival in Hyères.
Soden continues to divide his time between personal fine art projects and fashion photography, each supporting the other.

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