Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards), Stockholm

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Portraits De Villes Vues Choisies (Postcards), Stockholm is a PREORDER ITEM and will be available to ship in 7-10 days. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE <3

One of our favorite cities in the world gets its due with one of our favorite books in the Portraits de Ville series.  A collection of illustrations depicts the city home to 14 islands, connected by some 50 bridges and 2 million Swedes.
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About the Artist:
Jochen Gerner, born in 1970, is an author and cartoonist, he lives in Nancy (France). He has a reflective approach to the printed image, at the borders of comic strip and contemporary art. He works both as author (comic strips and graphic experimentations) and as cartoonist for the print media (Le 1, Le Monde, Le Journal des Arts). He is a member of the OuBaPo – Ouvroir de Bande dessinée Potentielle –, an experimental collective which aims to produce comic strips using constrained artistic techniques.

Jochen Gerner was laureate of the Concours des plus beaux livres français (Competition for the most beautiful French books) in 2008 and 2009, award winner of the École Supérieure de l'Image (Angoulême) in 2009 and of Drawing Now (Paris) in 2016.

In 2017, he created a series of cartoons about the contemporary and modern art entitled “Voulez-vous un dessin?” (Fancy a drawing?) for Centre Pompidou (Paris). His work is promoted by the galleries Anne Barrault (Paris) and Et Hall (Barcelona).

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