I want to level with you all. Broome St. General, owning it, running it, our 12+hour workdays, at least 6 days a week. It’s all a dream come true. I love the humility of hard work. I know I’m teaching my kids to work hard for their dreams.

I’m grateful to our team that is made up of people who are also pursuing their dreams, but they are practical. They have bills to pay and I believe they all will be famous tomorrow (or the day after that)... but until then, I’m glad we have built a business that can support them while they pursue their dreams.

I know you see a feed full of pictures where we travel around the world with our kids in tow, because I want you to see how hard we live, not how hard we work. I want to inspire you to do the same...but here is the truth: I clean the toilets. I install floors. I put up drywall, I balance the budget to take those trips because yes, I want my kids to see the world. But because I’m driven by our mission to give you time towards doing the things that matter most and we live it too.

That means we test products in our own home and we do the legwork of going to the places to find the best things to help you live that life you work so hard for. The things you use everyday. The things to help you celebrate the most important moments in your life. The things that you will build memories with, and maybe the things you will pass down to your children. It is a job I love and we put everything we make back into the business... to constantly improve and evolve, because life is always happening and we want to be there for you when it is.

For nearly a decade, you’ve trusted us to do the finding and that is why, despite a number of paths, we’ve stayed true to this:

We don’t influence. We invest.

We invest in businesses like ours. Family-run, on-the-grind, passion driven. I believe in every brand we carry, I believe in their products. I believe in their dreams. I know I’m not the only person who runs my business this way. I’ve met and spoken to so many of you- deeply passionate entrepreneurs, who are not in it for the money. You do it because you love what you do. People who love being apart of their communities and sometimes even creating one.

So this heavy handed post is to say that if you find something at a small business, support that small business, especially now. I know times are scary but the panic and anxiety, though well placed, can be far reaching into your communities. It can cripple the small businesses (and all the people they support) that are the reason you love your neighborhood so much.

I urge you all to be safe, take precautions, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands, BUT shop at that little store you haven’t been to in a while, or that restaurant with the bomb sandwiches/donuts/ ice cream and yes your local general stores. Amazon will be aight.

Keep Calm and #SHOPSMALL

With Love,


Founder & Finder, Broome St. General store

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