Fossa Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate

$ 10.99

Made By: FOSSA
Perhaps one of the best candy bars we've ever had in our lives. A notoriously famous dish found in Chinese Food Stalls throughout Singapore... but nevermind all that. If you don't know the dish this will blow your socks off. And if you know it, your shoes will be blown off as well. 

Tasting notes: Singaporeans' favourite tze-char dish in a chocolate bar

International Chocolate Awards 2017 and 2018 Bronze Award winner, 2019 Silver Award winner. Homemade salted egg cereal sprinkled over a special white chocolate that has been slowly caramelized to attain a blond colour and biscuit aroma. Very addictive!

Ingredients: Natural cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, salted egg yolk, cereal, butter, curry leaves, chilli padi, sea salt. Nut Free. 

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